MAK ONE Multi-Domain Multi-role Virtual Simulator

VR-Engage lets users play the role of a first-person human character; a vehicle driver, gunner or commander; the pilot of an airplane or helicopter; or a sensor operator.

VR-Engage can be deployed as a trainee simulator, as a role player station, an instructor aid, a desktop simulation game, even as a VR headset experience. Built on the mature proven MAK ONE simulation software platform, VR-Engage gets its simulation engine from VR-Forces, and its game-quality 3D graphics from VR-Vantage. 

Introducing VR-Engage

Get in the Game

VR-Engage is MAK’s multi-role virtual simulator. It lets you “Get in the Game” by directly controlling human characters or vehicle platforms in a variety of roles:

  • Control a soldier’s avatar like a gamer using a keyboard-and-mouse interface;
  • fly an aircraft using HOTAS hardware and touchscreen cockpit instruments;
  • connect separate driver, gunner, and commander stations for multi-crew vehicle training;
  • fly a virtual drone, or control a UAV sensor or remote camera using an off-the-shelf gamepad. 

Common 1st-person player in the Synthetic Environment

Our customers use VR-Engage as the basis for trainee stations, for experimentation in battle labs, or to allow instructors or white cell operators to take manual control of wingmen, targets, or OPFOR characters.  When used together, MAK’s VR-Forces CGF and VR-Engage role-player stations provide correlated and consistent AI-controlled and player-controlled entities in a unified whole-earth, multi-domain synthetic environment.

Interoperate w/ VR-Forces

When VR-Engage is used with a compatible version of VR-Forces you can reap the additional benefits of a common system architecture:

  • Common representation of the environment across player and CGF stations, including synchronized weather, time-of-day, and dynamic terrain.
  • Build terrains, models, and configurations once, and deploy them across VR-Engage player stations, VR-Forces simulation engines and front-ends, and any other applications that use VR-Vantage IG.
  • Role-play multiple entities at a time by switching between manual and CGF control on-the-fly. Take control of VR-Forces-driven entities.
  • Manage entity assignments and roles for multiple VR-Engage players from VR-Forces.
    VR-Forces users can talk via radio to VR-Engage players.
  • Configure players with the VR-Forces Simulation Object Editor.
  • Create scenarios in VR-Forces and load them in VR-Engage for stand-alone use.
  • Send scenario events from VR-Engage to VR-Forces-controlled entities. 

Customizable by Design

  • Using the VR-Engage GUI, you can configure different user interface control devices (such as flight controllers) using mapping files.
  • Users can rig new vehicle models to use one of the vehicle types provided by MAK
  • VR-Engage Users Guide explains how to use the VR-Forces Simulation Object Editor to configure aircraft.
  • You can change the look/feel/arrangement of cockpit instruments.
  • You can configure EO/IR/NVG/SAR sensors using VR-Engage display settings options.

Built on the MAK ONE Technology Stack

The same MAK ONE Render Engine that powers VR-Vantage also brings advanced visual features to immersive first-person VR-Engage simulators.

The same MAK ONE Simulation Engine that powers VR-Forces also simulates the human character or vehicle platform you control with a VR-Engage simulator.

MAK ONE is the simulation platform of choice by governments and system integrators around the world as they join disparate simulations into common synthetic environments.

Explore how VR-Engage fits into these systems by sliding through the illustrations below. 

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Key Features

  • Simulation (role-playing)

    Engage with the simulation pre-defined roles: Soldier, armored vehicle crew, pilot, sensor/drone operator.

  • Stand alone play

    VR-Engage players can connect up and play with or against eachother. or join simulations hosted by VR-Forces or other DIS/HLA federates.

  • Cooperative play

    Role-play multiple entities at a time by switching between manual and CGF control on-the-fly. Take control of VR-Forces-driven entities.

  • Embark on other entities

    Embark and disembark on CGF or other player entities within the synthetic environment. Enter and leave vehicles and take on the roles of vehicle crew members.

  • Be a team player

    Manage entity assignments and roles for multiple VR-Engage players from VR-Forces.

  • Radio and voice comms

    Players can speak to one another, the instructor at a VR-Forces station or any DIS or HLA compliant radio receiver.

  • Complete synthetic environment

    Sensors, weapons, countermeasures, and behavior models for air-to-air, air-to-ground, on-the­ground, and person-to-person engagements.

  • Interactions with the synthetic environment

    Vehicle and person-specific interactions with the environment (open and close doors, move, destroy, and so on.)

  • Environmental audio

    Hear as well as see the synthetic environment: engine sounds, environmental noise, event effects, warning tones).

  • Terrain agile

    As with all MAK ONE applications, you can use the terrain you have or take advantage of innovative streaming and procedural terrain generation techniques.

  • Configure all parts of the system

    Input/Output devices, Characters, Vehicles, Cockpit/Cabin Instruments, SIm, Rendering, and Sensors

  • High-fidelity vehicle physics

    For accurate vehicle motion

  • VR/MR

    Support for virtual reality and mixed reality using head-mounted displays, such as Oculus Rift, Varjo, and HTC Vive.

Resources for Customers

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Users Guide

VR-Engage 2.1

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First Experience Guide

Step-by-step introductions to experience gameplay

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